Saturday, March 31, 2012

Living with Fibromyalgia

Sleep Better
For those who don't know, fibromyalgia causes extreme pain in the muscles throughout the body.  This pain can be so intense that people who sufferer with this disease can not function normally.  This includes sleep.  In fact, 80% of fibromyalgia sufferers have sleep apnea, a condition where breathing stops periodically through the night.  Some sleep apnea patients can actually wake themselves up at night.  This can cause poor sleep, which can increase the pain and stress that comes with fibromyalgia. 

Many people with fibromyalgia (20-40%) also suffer from restless leg syndrome. Restless leg syndrome is unpleasant twitches in the legs.  These twitches can be painful, requiring that the leg be moved to reduce the pain. 

75% of fibromyalgia sufferers also have TMJD, a condition where the patient grinds their teeth at night.  The next morning TMJD sufferers usually feel the pain from the grinding.

While doctors look to find the best treatment, and you should always see a doctor if you experience any of these problems, we can look towards some things that might mitigate what is going on.  First, muscle pain can be quite harsh.  Since most of this happens at night, it is only reasonable to look towards things that can improve quality of sleep, thus making it just a bit easier to face the next day.  Sleep apnea can be helped with the addition of an adjustable bed, what some call hospital beds, that today are made in all different sizes.  By sleeping with the head slightly elevated, the soft tissue that can cause an obstruction will react differently to gravity, often reducing the times we stop breathing.  Raising the legs slightly will help keep the body in proper posture, which may improve RLS.  And consider your mattress choice.  Too hard of a sleep surface can actually make the pain worse, as our muscles struggle against gravity all night to maintain posture.  The mattress should conform to the body to take the work off the muscles, allowing them to rest and heal at night.  There are several sleep systems that will accomplish this.  Try them all, since everybody is different, the solution should work best for you.  The four major mattresses are springs, water, memory foam and air.  All have their supporters and advantages, however with air technology, like that in the Comfortaire mattress, both partners are able to set the bed where they are most comfortable.  Spring mattresses with the right topper comfort materials will also work, but these beds tend to have a shorter life span.  And of course there is water beds, they conform very well, but they tend to be heavier and not quite as supportive as other types.

Take your time, find what works best for you....

Sleep Well

Friday, March 23, 2012

One Size Fits All?

One size fits all... It's true, but not how you think.  At Comfortaire, we build mattresses that can satisfy everyone, even you!  How do we do it?

We offer dual adjustable air technology designed to match your body, and your partners.  We are rarely built the same.  We love our partners... But sometimes don't you wish that your bed was made for you?  But we want to be close... Such a quandry... But not with Comfortaire, now you can find your comfort zone and so can your partner, your love, your best friend...  Why not try a Comfortaire mattress today?  We are the very best value in bedding today.  Just like we were in 1981, and how we will continue into the future.  There is no better bed anywhere, at this price or any other price! 

Now back to the blog!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


How good is your posture?  And why is it important?  When I was very young, teachers would tell us to "stand up straight", but we always like to slouch.  I have noticed when very young children sleep, they can contort themselves in all sorts of funny ways.  And being in the bed business, I have seen customers try out my products in their normal sleeping positions... WOW!  But why is it so darn important?  Posture is the way we balance our bodies against the force of gravity, the better the posture, the less effort required.  Our bodies are built to be efficient, that's why it is easier to say put weight on, than take it off.  And our skeletal systems are designed to waist as little effort as possible keeping our bodies up right.  But, we do have to encourage posture, especially when sitting or lying down.  Otherwise our joints and bones can become off line, making it that much harder to maintain posture, and causing pain.  So good posture will keep bones in the right alignment, so we use our muscles properly.  Good posture will help decrease the abnormal wearing in our joints, which can cause pain, like arthritis.  Good posture decreases the stress on our ligaments, which are the tissues that join our bones and joints together.  Good posture prevents the spine from becoming 'fixed' in an abnormal position.  Good posture helps prevent fatigue, allowing us to be more productive and increase stamina.  Good posture helps prevent over use problems, backache, and muscular pain.  Good posture contributes to an overall good appearance.

But we spend a third of our lives in bed, which is why Comfortaire is all about good waking posture while asleep.  Air technology helps you stay in alignment.  That means less stress on your joints and a better morning.  More than that, better alignment will help you sleep better, help combat things like acid reflux, and other conditions that rob us of productive sleep.  All this without cramming a towel under your lumbar, a pillow between your knees, or a sagging mattress.  

Sleep Well!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Children and Sleep

Have you ever been in a mall at 8 or 9 PM?  After being in retail for as long as I have, my answer is yes.  It is amazing to me to see the number of really young children there, even in strollers.  Now, it is important to note that most all of the kids I'm talking about are accompanied by their parents, and this is what we need to talk about today.

It is important that kids get enough rest.  At young ages, they are easily distracted, and frankly do not even consider sleep an option a lot of times, they just drift off when ever they are tired.  The problem is that when they are young, it is important to set habits that will follow them through their lives. 

Improper sleep in adults is a major concern.  We sleep too little these days, how many seem to boast about "I got 5 hours sleep, and feel great".  And maybe they do, however, lack of sleep like many things will eventually cause health concerns.  It is important to get our kids in the proper habit.  But what is the proper habit?

How about first a consistent routine.  Our bodies, and theirs, are programed on a roughly 24 hour clock, broken into 12 hour segments.  If we are not consistent, then our bodies get confused and when we do sleep it is not the best quality.  A certain bed time and wake time is important (and it should be 7 days a week, 365 days a year).  Then our bodies will react and thrive.

When we are sleep deprived, our bodies make products related to stress, which among other things can cause us to gain weight, and be less productive than if the stress is controlled or eliminated.  In the case of kids,  we know that many are concerned about childhood obesity, while other things like overall activity would help improve that, a simple thing like a consistent bed time can help them be more active, because they got great rest.  In kids we have a great way to judge productivity, maybe better than adults do, its called grades.

So getting the proper amount and quality of sleep may help 2 of the biggest problems our kids face today, obesity, and grades (could all the ADHD be sleep related as well?  Is it not?).  Grades will affect their choice of college, or job opportunities as will their appearance.  So as my Mom always said "It's your bedtime, no discussion..."

Sleep Well!