Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Closet Full of Pillows?

One of the advantages, if it is, to being in the bedding business, is that you hear what people want.  When we posted a blog on how to buy a pillow, it was one of our most read blogs.  It is then that you want to reprise that blog, perhaps going into deeper analysis of what we feel is the problem of buying a pillow today.

The biggest problem, we see, is that in so many cases, we can't 'test' the pillow.  Especially in the mass merchants like department stores and big box bedding stores.  And the pillow must 'fit' the individual.  As with other articles of clothing, a poor fit is not comfortable.  And also as with clothing, pillows do eventually wear out.  The wear out process is slow, and at some point, we determine that the pillow just isn't feeling right.  That's not unusual, since everything made by man is going to wear out.

The pillow is used to support the neck, not so much the head.  That's why so many people scrunch their pillows.  Scrunching is easier on more traditional materials like down, or alternative down.  It is almost impossible to scrunch a memory foam pillow, as an example.

Then there is quality, in our store, we found a pillow that at face value looked to be a good pillow.   It was contoured to support the neck, it wasn't too heavy, which is a problem with many memory foam pillows, and it was reasonable in price, under $30.  The problem turned out that the quality just wasn't there.  And it was too short for most people, especially men.

We constantly look for the perfect pillow.  You probably have seen the commercials and infomercials for the next great pillow.  You may also have a closet full of pillows that you have tried, and either didn't like, or have liked, but they are worn out.  Mostly because with traditional materials, it no longer fluffs. 

The thing is, most natural materials like down, can last a very long time, if cared for properly.   It is important that they have quality ingredients, like good down and high tread count covers.  We need to also make sure the pillow is washable, because over time oils and other things can mat the material down, washing will take those substances out of the pillow. We don't want to wash the pillow too much though, as that will contribute to wear.  That is why pillow protectors are so important.  They will offer a washable layer that will absorb many of the oils and sweats that we put into our pillows, without having to wash the pillow as frequently.  Yet the protector can be removed and washed regularly, and replaced if it starts to wear, at a lower price than a good quality pillow.

Having seen this, our company has come up with a solution to the closet full of pillows.  We introduced our Generation Pillow with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the fluffiness of the pillow.  If it ever fails to fluff, with normal care, we will replace it for a small shipping and handling charge.  You can see this pillow on our web site, or buy it on eBay at a discount.  Mention you heard it here, and we will double orders coming from our web site, and a free pillow protector. Along with the pillow will be a detailed care guide.  We are confident that following this guide will keep your pillow fluffy for the rest of your life, if it doesn't, we will replace it.

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