Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weird Stuff

I recently ran across an article on something called Oil Pulling.  It intrigued me, because it said it could do miracles across the board, including sleep.  Normally I am a skeptic, and this is no exception.  I like to be shown that something works, but I also am willing to try things that I deem could not be harmful.

So I am experimenting.  The article I read suggested to use coconut oil or sesame seed oil.  Since I am not fond of coconut, I am using the sesame oil.  They recommended it be cold pressed.  On further research, I have found that either sesame or coconut is touted by different people.  Often because of economics, like the site that sells coconut oil!

One of the benefits is supposed to be better, deeper sleep.  I'm not sure how that happens, but I am experimenting with this to see if it indeed helps.  The problem is I already sleep pretty good, with all the research I have done, I have the basics in hand.

This is day 5.  It took some getting used to, the recommended time I have seen most is 20 minutes.  I bore easily, so this may be the biggest hurdle.  Since starting, I have noticed my breath seems fresher.  My allergies, considering it is spring, seem to be lessened, but I have not noticed any difference in my sleep.

Being a skeptic, I see crazy claims all the time.  I will continue the experiment for at least this bottle of oil, and if anything sleep related happens, I will share.  In the meantime, if any one out there has used it and noticed any changes in sleep, in particular, I would be interested in hearing from you.

If Oil Pulling does all it is supposed to do, expect to be reading this blog for another 50 to 70 years!  It has, like I mentioned helped in some things, but it seems mostly in the mouth at this time.  The primary reason I waned to try it is that I have some gingivitis, and if I can fix that, I would be happy.  That seems a little better, but I'm sure its too early to know for sure.  Connect with us here, or leave a comment with this blog with your experience with Oil Pulling.

Oil Pulling may help sleep, but great sleep is a great goal.  As always, we are in it for you to...

Sleep Well!

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